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Jack Brooke started Brooke Engineering/Photographic Equipment Company in the late 1950’s.  Jack was a dance and event photographer in the Seattle area during the period college & high school sorority and fraternity dances were so popular.  Processing his own long roll black and white film was a “rebel-like”-idea when everyone else was using cut film.  A forward thinker and revolutionary designer, Jack made his darkroom equipment state of the art in production capability while maintaining the highest quality photo printing, and later sold his design of roll easels and cameras to Beattie Coleman. 

In the late 70’s, Brooke re-entered the photographic equipment field with a Package (multi-image) Printer line—first of the microprocessor-controlled equipment in the new field of modern computerized equipment.  Forward to the early 80’s introduced the Brooke Cutter line to accompany the package printer market.  

The BP-1200 12-inch automatic cutter was the Brooke’s first and still today’s industry standard long roll unit cutter for medium to high volume photo lab production.  Subsequently the BP-2000 (20- inch), BP-400/HS-5 (4 & 5 inch) high speed cutters were added to the group, along with numerous accessories including Finepoint and Accucut cursor controls, the Cut One semi automatic cutters, and sensors for graphite, optical, punch hole, film, and most recent Optical Pattern reader (POCR-1) for cutting digitally produced work from material rolls.

Today the company engages in sales of photo, graphic and digital photo-imaging printing, cutting, and processing equipment.  These products include the BROOKE line of print cutters and other equipment designed and manufactured by Brooke International; BRAY IMAGING line of film processors imported from the United Kingdom, and iMARK™ On-demand Die cutters.  

Most recently the company is taking on a new product line-the HOPE Jigsaw Puzzle Cutter.  This roller die cutter is manufactured in Korea and is imported to the USA and Canadian markets exclusively by Brooke.  The Jigsaw Puzzle Cutter has endless solutions for many markets, including retailers with photo kiosk machines, existing photo-imaging businesses, entrepreneurial starts, fund raising and other on-site events.  Other ideas include tourism and souvenir businesses, printing industry add-on items including wedding reception gifts, sports items, and so many other value added possibilities for marketing and promotion making the Jigsaw Puzzle Cutter an exciting and FUN way to share picture memories.  

In August of 2004, Mr. Jack Brooke passed away, and daughter Cindy Brooke along with Jack’s Widow, Paula, continues the BROOKE tradition of excellence with “Cutting Edge Solutions by BROOKE” products and unsurpassed customer service.