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BP1200 & BP2000
Auto Cutter
Operator-friendly console features easy to read
keypads. Digital readout shows print quality,
length of print, pickup correction and error signal.
Pre-feed system permits fast,
trouble-free operation; automatically controls tension on paper roll.
Pickups and pressure roller are
easily adjustable. Adjustable
pickup lets you center cut
marks between double cut.
Cutter Blade assembly on the
BP1200 provides automatic
double Cut capability for
borderless prints
Foot switch permits faster
hand-free operation.
Optional Fine Point Control allows operator to compensate for inaccurately spaced prints on unmarked rolls.
Optional catch tray collects
prints after cutting.

Compact Design: BP1200 takes
only 5.5 sq. Ft; BP2000 only 8.3 sq. Ft.
BP1200   BP2000

Height                                        14”                                        14”
Length                                       40”                                        40”
Depth                                         22”                                       22”
Weight                                  100lbs.                                  113lbs.
Paper Width                        2”-12”                                3”-20”
Paper Length                  575 ft. Roll                               575 ft. Roll
Power Requirements    120v, 60Hz, 500w                       120v, 60Hz, 500w   

Cut One
Semi Auto Cutter

The entry level BROOKE CUT ONE production cutters are for roll
paper users with high quality standards, and lower volume demand.


Print cutting doesn't have to be a high labor cost for a lower volume business. The Brooke Cut One cutters are a cost effective way to get into the automation game.

CUT ONE'S cutting system will lower your costs of production and do away with awkward print roll handling. Load your roll of prints. Fast manual advance. Press a button or foot pedal to actuate. Cut prints and slugs simultaneously with the optional double cut blade assembly. CUT ONE cutters are made for roll-to-print

  CUT ONE-12
Paper Capacity

275" thru 12"X 575'
6.99 cm thru 30.48 cm X 175 m
3.5" thru 20" X 575'
6.99 cm thru 30.48 cm X 175 m
Foot Print      (Dimensions)

40" (101.6 cm)
22" (59.9cm)
14" (35.6 cm)

40" (101.6 cm)
30" (76.2 cm)
14" (35.6 cm)
Weight          (Approximate)

50 lbs. (22.7kg)
82 lbs. (37.7kg)
Double Cut Blade Assembly
Electrical Requirements
110/120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 200 Watts 110/120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 200 Watts

High Speed Cutter
Brooke Engineering has again delivered high
performance precision and affordable price.

Introducing the Brooke  BP400 4-inch automatic print
cutter, the newest addition to our BP Series of automatic
cutters. The BP400 handles 2-inch thru 4-inch wide
paper. That makes the BP400 a perfect choice for high
production cutting photofinishing, business cards, I.D.
cards, greeting cards, photo composites, sports/trading
cards, more.
Made with the same high quality and maximum
performance of our field-proven BP1200 and
BP2000 cutters, the BP400 has a pre-feed system
for high speed single or double-cutting. Production
figures are:
Length of Print
Approximate cut
5 inches 10,300 prints
3.5 inches 11,600 prints
2 inches 13,500 prints

Designed To Keep Running
All of the Brooke BP's are state -of -the -art microprocessor controlled. Precision cutting accuracy is our speciality with stepper motor drive, accurate to .010 inches. Cutting with any type of mark is possible for the BP400, whether cutting punch marks, graphite or optical, a sensor is available. Every cutter is equipped with a
trans missive  sensor for 100% no-miss accuracy on punch hole markings. End-of-order programming aids to complete maximum efficiency without production  bottlenecks. Sensors, pressure rollers, and paper guides on the BP400 are adjusted quickly and easily for various roll widths, and sensor changing for various marks can
be done in just seconds.  

Operator-Friendly Simplicity
The BP's digital control console provides nearly every control an operator will ever need. A variety of self-test adjustments and operating functions are pre-programmed into the memory. Others have their own clearly labelled push buttons so every operation is as simple to complete as using a calculator.

Profitable Combination
That's what the speed, accuracy, efficiency and reliability of A Brooke BP400 can do for you cut-after-cut. See how the BP400 can cut thru your production faster today, and complete the combination of quality and profitability you've been waiting for.


Cutter Dimensions:
56 lbs.
Paper Width
2" - 4"
Paper Length
775 ft. roll
Electrical Requirements
110 to 125-Volt AC
50/60 Hz, 500W


BP1200 Z
High Speed Cutter

Faster production output (30-40% faster than
standard BP1200
Single or double cut capable
Multiple cut mark sensor types (punch, optical, digital pattern, film, graphite)
Same simple controls as BP and HS auto cutters - minimizes training cost of personal for new equipment.
High wear premium cutting knives
Commercial grade drive train & bearings - For multi-shift operations
Higher speed roll cutting is here with the BP1200Z.
All the benchmark features of the widely regarded
BP-Series of Auto Cutters are offered on the Z,
including punch hole &optical mark sensors and the
new POCR pattern reader for digital output cutting.
Add this and up to 50% increase of output, which
will quench your need for speed and profits
Included with BP 1200 Z-

Single punch mark sensor

Catch tray

Foot Switch pedal

Sample Cutting Rates:
(pph=prints per hour single cut)
BP1200 Z
6800 pph
9200+ pph
5200 pph
7900+ pph

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